EUROPE RAIDERS (2018) – My Review

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Europe Raiders - Photo from Popcorn App
Photo from Popcorn App


Two bounty hunters are friends and rivals at the same time. One day, a little contest between the two turns into an all-out manhunt when a small box capable of immense destruction, called the “Hand of God”, draws out not only the CIA and Europol special agents but also the European mafia. 


My Take:
I'm not into Chinese movies since the Bruce Lee and Jackie Chan era but the plot is good and got great lines delivered. We will feel sympathy for the main characters, an Asian Mission Impossible. The supporting cast is ok, but overall the action was great and I like the rivalry between two bounty assassins that intensifies the whole movie!! Hong Kong is taking their action movies to the next level competing with Mission Impossible or the Transporter franchises.

Overall, Europe Raiders has unreal action scenes, like it's detached from reality, that a moviegoer is unfamiliar with the first movie. Viewers might easily suspect that the movie is a novel or a comic book adaptation.

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