MUNAFIK 2 (2018)

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Ustaz Adam was against a man with wrong religious teachings. An evil spirit linked to the man which affects a poor single mother from a remote village and Ustaz Adam has to rescue her from it.

My Take:

Munafik 1 made box-office history in 2016 making it the best horror movie in Asia. The predecessor, Munafik 2, even exceeded these expectations! The viewers will really feel the intense energy coming from the horror scenes which can give jumpscares and goosebumps. It is also exciting to know what's coming next as gives one a feeling of riding an emotional rollercoaster. Aside from a great storyline, the cinematography and sound effects of this movie are also brilliant. Overall, I would say that Munafik 2 is worth watching because of the powerful messages it shares with its audience. It is definitely a must-watch horror film of 2018.  

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